Hiyer Athletic Apparel

Hiyer is an (conceptual) athletic clothing apparel company that was founded with the vision to empower the next generation and create a better line of products within the fitness industry. They believe in hard work, determination, and accountability. At Hiyer, they want to help you reach your goals no matter how big or small they […]

Bestway Solutions, LLC

Bestway Solutions, LLC is a individuals and couples therapy practice based in Atlanta, GA. Their goal is to assist individuals and families with their recovery from trauma, depression, and anxiety. They strive to develop strategies that will address and empower the client to be able to cope with life’s obstacles. Their amazing staff works with […]

Geneva Syreni

Geneva Syreni is a virtual mega-yacht experience that was launched in 2020. Utilizing the ROBLOX Studio Engine, their team constructed an awesome life-size yacht, completely decked out with a bar area, indoor and outdoor lounges, cabins, and so much more. As part of the discovery process, we got a chance to tour the virtual experience […]

Healthy Life Choices GA, LLC

Healthy Life Choices GA, LLC is a Family Counseling and Social Service Agency that specializes in bridging mental health, education, and access through technology to improve the overall functioning of children, youth, adults, seniors and their families. They provide behavioral health services to families through community-based support, anger management, family violence intervention, substance abuse services, […]

The Wright Coaching Group, LLC

The Wright Coaching Group, LLC is a solution focused organization that removes barriers in order to promote professional or personal growth. They provide coaching sessions, workshops, and speaking engagements that will help their clients develop skills to advance their career and personal goals by applying mindful and behavioral techniques. With their vision of transforming people’s […]

Finesse Financial

Finesse Financial was created for Gen Z and millennials, by Gen Z millennials. Finesse Financial understands that financial literacy isn’t commonly taught to younger audiences, so they decided to create the ultimate, one-stop hub for you to learn all you can about money, from the important of saving to how to easily get started with […]

Spiráy Beauty Products

Spiráy, a natural beauty product brand solely focused on providing 100% of nature’s best.