Custom Web Design

A brand new WordPress website built from the ground up. Constructed with Elementor Pro and other premium tools for full customization.

Starting at

$ 499
  • Full Site Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

Our Design Process

Ground Zero

Ground Zero is our starting line to building your website. Before we begin anything, we take the time to get to know your business and its exact needs. We ask questions such as:


Do you already have a website and domain?

Are you starting from scratch?

What is the main focus of your business?

What specific features do you need?

What style are you looking for?


Denzigns strives to make our clients feel confident and comfortable about what they are looking for in a professional website. We will send you a comprehensive form to fill out to streamline this process at your convenience.

If you do not currently have a web domain and hosting service, that is the first thing we will help you set up. Although we do not offer our own hosting, we will gladly recommend one that will suit your needs.

Once the Ground Zero Form is completed and the foundation of your website is set up, we start designing your website in Phase One.

Phase One: Design

Phase One is the initial design stage. We take all the details you give us (such as color, style, font type, branding, etc.) and combine them into one solid, cohesive design. In addition, you give us the list of pages and subpages to be added (services, about us, contact, etc.) and we build a template design for content to be added in the next phase.

We will update you when the design is near completion to ensure that you are happy with the outcome, or to tweak any minor details. Once you approve of the overall design, we move into Phase Two.

Phase Two: Development

Now that the design aspect is out of the way, we will spend the next week collaborating with getting content on your website. This includes homepage information, service details, images, contact information, and anything else that is relevant to your site. Once you send us exactly what you want to display on your website, we will insert it until everything is where it needs to be and move to the Final Review.

Final Review

At this point, we are nearly finished with your brand new website! All that is pending is your final review. Let us know if there is anything out of place, or if you find any type of error; we will happily take care of any final tweaks. We give you up to three days to mull over your site and ensure that it is ready for official use and publication.

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