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Finesse Financial was created for Gen Z and millennials, by Gen Z millennials. Finesse Financial understands that financial literacy isn’t commonly taught to younger audiences, so they decided to create the ultimate, one-stop hub for you to learn all you can about money, from the importance of saving to how to easily get started with investing for your smartphone to how to learn extra income online. Offering courses and help guides in saving, earning, and investing, Finesse Financial seeks to educate entire generations of independent young people in the modern era.

The Finesse Financial team came to us with the goal of helping solidify their brand identity and designing a website concept that would fit in with their targeted age demographic. After conducting a brand audit and evaluating the existing aspects of their designs, the entire process went smooth sailing. Plus, we learned a lot of investing tips along the way; was a total win-win.

Services Provided

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design

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