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Geneva Syreni is a virtual mega-yacht experience that was launched in 2020. Utilizing the ROBLOX Studio Engine, their team constructed an awesome life-size yacht, completely decked out with a bar area, indoor and outdoor lounges, cabins, and so much more. As part of the discovery process, we got a chance to tour the virtual experience and was blown away by the realism and amount of details put into every single object. Maybe I should save some money and book a vacation there instead…

The GS team was looking to launch a website do a virtual giveaway, granting one lucky person ownership of the entire mega-yacht model. To get started, we became virtual-photographers and had the opportunity to go behind the scenes to take photos throughout the ship. After grabbing some great images, we began putting together some ideas and found ourselves building the website after two days of starting the project. With some great back-and-forth from the Geneva Syreni folks, we were able to launch the site in less than a week.

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“I had such an awesome experience with Denzigns… Working with them was so easy and you can tell their team is passionate about what they do. Will most definitely recommend to everyone I know.”

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Project Founder

This was a really unique experience; it’s not every day you get to tour a virtual yacht. We love projects where we get to experience something new. We wish the Geneva Syreni team the best in their future endeavors.

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