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Hiyer is an (conceptual) athletic clothing apparel company that was founded with the vision to empower the next generation and create a better line of products within the fitness industry. They believe in hard work, determination, and accountability. At Hiyer, they want to help you reach your goals no matter how big or small they may seem to be. Their products are designed for athletes of all ages and skill levels who want optimal performance while staying comfortable during every activity. From running to cycling to skiing, Hiyer’s products will have you looking sharp while performing at a high level, no matter the terrain or intensity.

Hiyer’s goal is to start designing products that will meet the specific needs of their target audience and sell them online and in retail stores. They understood how important branding was and how it can have a profound impact on their reach. With that in mind, they sought to work with us in hopes to create an awesome brand image that will take Hiyer to the top.

With that in mind, we began our research within the fitness industry so that we could create a strong, unique concept that would be sure to catch the eyes of Hiyer’s target audience. After a couple rounds, we created a strong logo mark that is easily identifiable, then paired it with powerful colors that evoke a sense of energy and elevation. After the core branding was finalized, we moved onto the website’s homepage design.

Services Provided

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design

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