Kenny Got Brownies


Kenny Got Brownies is a conceptual brand that offers delicious and innovative brownie combinations, making it the ultimate destination for satisfying your sweet cravings. Using the finest ingredients and a whole lot of passion, they offer a wide range of flavors, from classic chocolate chip to indulgent Snickers & M&M treats. With every bite, you’ll experience an explosion of flavor that will leave you in a state of pure bliss. So come on down to Kenny Got Brownies and treat yourself to the ultimate brownie experience.

To capture the fun and indulgent spirit of Kenny Got Brownies, we first developed a color scheme consisting of warm, inviting shades of brown and chocolate. We chose a bold, playful font that evokes the handmade and artisanal nature of their product. We decided to go with a crown brand mark to illustrate that Kenny Got Brownies is truly the best option for brownies and treats.

We are super happy with how things turned out. May Kenny Got Brownies live on forever in our hearts.

Services Provided

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Packaging Design

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